Why Choose Engel Why Choose DeepBlue Coolers Keep Ice Longer
Why Choose Engel Why Choose DeepBlue Coolers Keep Ice Longer

How to Make Ice Last Longer

Tips to Increase Your Ice Retention

  • Always pre-cool your beverages and food before placing them in the cooler.  If not pre-cooled then a lot of ice will be wasted before everything is cooled down.
  • Freeze plastic bottles of water – the frozen water will act as ice and will keep the other items in the cooler colder longer. 
  • Cover your cooler if it is out in the sun - using a space blanket or other reflective foil.
  • Pack items in your cooler in chronological order based on when you plan to use the items – pack items used first last.
  • Make sure you pack the cooler tight and full.
  • When your trips are more than one or two days, use larger blocks of ice instead of ice cubes – blocks of ice last longer.  Crushed ice or wet ice from private ice machines will give you the least ice retention time. 
  • You may use dry ice within an Engel DeepBlue cooler – dry ice requires special care and handling but will keep your food dry and your cooler contents colder.
  • Always try to keep your cooler in the shade as much as possible.
  • Always try to minimize the amount of times you open the cooler, quickly taking out what you need and closing it right away.
  • Always latch the cooler's lid shut.  The gasket will not be doing its job if the latches are not all engaged properly.
  • Do not drain the water from the cooler – the cold water from melted ice helps keep the items inside colder longer.

Using these tips will help you maximize your ice retention.

We have had people report back to us that their Engel cooler has kept ice for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks out on an expedition, they still came back with ice left over.


After 21 days of 90-100 degree temps we still had almost 20 lbs of solid ice in the Engel cooler

Jeremy Christensen
Salt Lake City, UT

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